Individual Dental Insurance FAQ

Individual Dental Insurance

What is a “discount” or “reduced fee” dental plan?
Discount or reduced fee dental plans are designed for individuals, couples, and families looking to save money when visiting the dentist. All general dentists participating in discount dental plans have agreed to accept a lower fee, than they would normally charge, as payment in full for each service performed. Each discount dental plan comes with a membership card and a complete list of all dental procedures covered and what the discounted price will be. Discount dental plans are also know as “referral plans” due to the fact they generate new patient referrals to dental offices. Individual Dental Insurance

Once enrolled in any discount plan listed on, you may visit a participating provider of that plan and receive dental treatments at a discounted fee. When visiting a general dentist, these discounted fees range from 10% to 60% lower than what a dentist normal charges. You simply show your membership card when visiting any participating plan dentist to receive your dental services at discounted rates. Unlike insured dental benefits, there are no claim forms, pre-existing condition checks, or paperwork hassles.

Are the discount dental plans offered by considered dental insurance?
No. The discount dental plans offered by are not dental insurance. Most “dental insurance plans” are designed for large groups, organizations, or businesses. Discount dental plans are an innovative alternative to dental insurance, designed to suit the needs of individuals and families looking to save money on dental care. Typically, dental insurance is difficult to obtain unless provided by your workplace or employer. Discount dental plans have stepped in to save people money that would not be able to acquire traditional dental insurance. Individual Dental Insurance

How are discount dental plans different from traditional insurance?
Discount dental plans are different from traditional dental insurance in several ways. First, discount dental plans are easy to enroll in by removing the hassles and waiting periods associated with traditional dental insurance. Also, unlike traditional dental insurance, our discount plans do not deny coverage based on a patient’s pre-existing dental conditions. Another nice feature of our discount dental plan is there are no complicated claim forms required for usage. In addition, there are no insurance deductibles to worry about. Most importantly, there is no annual maximum benefit – you can use the plan as much and as often as needed.

How are discount dental plans similar to dental traditional insurance?
The network of providers that participate in the discount plans we offer are licensed professionals just like you would find on most traditional insurance plans. Individual Dental Insurance

What do I pay and to whom?
Your total out of pocket expense includes your dental plan membership fee, plus the discounted fees you will be charged for dental treatment you receive when using your plan.

When does my new dental plan activate? Is there a waiting period?
Most dental plan memberships are activated within a few business days of when your payment is received and processed. On each dental plan detail page, you will find an “Activation Date” – this is the first day that you may begin using your benefits. Unlike traditional dental insurance, plan activation is quick.

Are there dentists available in my area?
Use our powerful searches to find out if dentists are in your area. offers the largest combined network of dentists anywhere, with a network presence in all 50 states. Individual Dental Insurance

Who is a participating provider?
A participating provider is a dentist who has agreed to participate in a discount dental plan and to provide dental services to plan members at lower prices.

Am I stuck using a specific dentist or participating provider with my plan?
No. With our discount dental plans, you are not obligated to use a specific participating provider. You are free to use any participating dentist listed in the dental plan’s network, regardless of the ZIP code, town, city or state. Individual Dental Insurance

What steps are taken to ensure that the participating dentists are quality providers?
All of our participating providers are subject to a selective screening process to ensure that all are licensed practitioners and his or her qualifications meet our standards. The following steps are taken by our network providers to ensure that you receive top-notch care.

  • An initial application to collect general office and provider data
  • A requirement that each dentist complies with OSHA and CDC standards
  • A requirement that up-to-date current malpractice insurance and state license information is kept on file for each provider

How do I contact you? What is your toll free number?
Our toll free Consumer and Member Services number is . Click here to send an email to any of our departments.

Where and when do I receive my Online Membership Package?
As soon as you complete your online enrollment, you can instantly download your Online Membership Package in the Member’s Area – right on your home or office PC. You can print out your membership cards and complete fulfillment materials anywhere you have computer access! If you do not have access to a printer, we will be happy to mail your benefit package directly to your postal address. Individual Dental Insurance

What benefits/savings are offered for orthodontic work (Braces)?
In general, MOST orthodontic procedures, services and treatments, performed by an orthodontic specialist, are offered at 20% off the orthodontist’s usual and customary fees. (NOTE: this specialist discount may be 15%-25% on certain plans).

What benefits/savings are offered for cosmetic dentistry?
In general, MOST cosmetic dental procedures, services and treatments, when performed, are offered at a 25% discount off the dentist’s usual and customary dental fee.

Do you have plans available in Canada and elsewhere outside the US?
No. Unfortunately, the current dental plans we offer are available only in the United States. We are working diligently to expand our network. Please feel free to periodically check our website for updates. Individual Dental Insurance

Can I make monthly payments on my enrollment fee?
No. The enrollment fee is an annual fee which must be paid in full upon enrollment to become an active member. strives to bring our consumers a quality benefit product at the lowest cost possible. Accepting payments on a monthly basis would increase the cost of processing, and would make our plans more expensive.

If you can not find the answer to your question here or if an answer posted is unclear, please contact us.
If you have questions related to benefit or procedure terminology, you are more likely to find the information you seek in the Dental Terminology section. Individual Dental Insurance